Reconsidering Yarbus

In a recent article published in Vision Research entitled “Reconsidering Yarbus: A failure to predict observers’ tasks from eye movement patterns,” Greene, Liu and Wolfe found that eye scan paths can be used to identify the image the observer is viewing as well as which observers produced the scan paths. However, neither computerized classifiers nor human observers were able to discriminate viewer task by viewing the scan paths. Does this finding translate to viewing of medical images? Read the full article here.

Single-Use Vials: Safety, Cost and Availability

Using contrast in the manner in which the product and packaging are intended is critical to safe patient care. This article describes a major outbreak of staph infection following the administration of contrast to multiple patients from a single vial. Pre-drawing contrast in anticipation of the day’s exams also increases the risk of contamination.


It’s My Mizzou – Thank You Colleagues!

This week we mark the conclusion of the “It’s My Mizzou” faculty and staff fundraising campaign. In total, the campaign raised about $1.6 million for Mizzou – impressive. Being SHP’s campaign liaison is a responsibility I take to heart. I’m committed to doing what’s best for students, and that means financially supporting SHP programs – and encouraging others to do so as well. After all, the best way to help others believe in what we’re doing is to show them that we do too. It’s been an honor to serve in this role! Below is the formal campaign wrap-up e-mail sent to colleagues today.

Friends and colleagues of the MU School of Health Professions:  Congratulations and thank you!

MU just completed the 2012 It’s My Mizzou Faculty & Staff Campaign. Thanks to your generosity combined with that of all other MU faculty and staff, we received more than $1.6 million to support Mizzou and the School of Health Professions!

Given these difficult economic times, your participation this year truly expressed your commitment and support of SHP, Mizzou and its mission. The SHP family exemplifies a true dedication to success and personal commitment to our school and MU. This dedication and commitment are so critical when we ask for support from alumni, corporate foundations, the state and federal legislative delegations.

As your School of Health Professions liaison for this year’s It’s My Mizzou Faculty & Staff Campaign, thank you for all you do for our school and Mizzou. You’ve truly made a difference!


Carla M. Allen