Summary of Accomplishments

Honors & Awards:

  • Kristofer and Lori Hagglund Early Career Award, School of Health Professions, University of Missouri, 2017
  • Life Member, Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists, 2017
  • Fellow, Wakonse Foundation for College Teaching, 2013
  • Golden Key International Honour Society, 2011, Nominated for membership for academic achievement during doctoral studies.
  • New Faculty Teaching Scholars Program, University of Missouri, 2008-2009
  • Excellence in Education Award Nominee, Nominated for contributions to the enhancement of student learning, University of Missouri,
  • Star Award for significant contributions to the successful completion of the institutional application for AQIP accreditation, State Fair Community College, Sedalia, MO,
  • Service Commendation, Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists, 2003.
  • On-the-Spot Award for maintenance of high levels of service to patients and staff, contributions in preparation for the JCAHO survey, and commitment to insuring the comfort and confidence of patients, Harry S. Truman Veteran’s Hospital, Columbia, MO,
  • Star Award, in which patients and guests of the facility recognize employees for their acts toward improving the quality of care, Harry S. Truman Veteran’s Hospital, Columbia, MO,
  • Suggestion Award for the implementation of a patient satisfaction survey I designed, Harry S. Truman Veteran’s Hospital, Columbia, MO,
  • University of Missouri: Cum Laude, 1993.
  • University of Missouri: Curator’s Scholarship, 1989-1993.

Professional Certifications:

American Registry of Radiologic Technologists

  • Computed Tomography – Registry #270309
    • October, 1995 to present
  • Radiography – Registry #270309
    • July, 1993 to present

American Heart Association

  • Basic Life Support Healthcare Provider
    • 1991 to present
    • Issued through 04/2021
  • BLS Instructor
    • 2007 to present
    • Issued through 04/2021               
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider
    • 2007 to 2013
    • Issued through 05/2013                

State of Missouri

  • Vocational Teacher’s Certificate in Medical Radiologic Technology
    • 1999 to 2006
    • Voc II – 5 year Renewable Certificate # 0242552

Purpose for Pursuing PhD

In my letter of intent in application to the PhD program I wrote, “My hope and expectation is that the PhD program in Information Sciences and Learning Technologies will not only afford me with opportunities to improve my own teaching practice, but will also provide me with the skills and abilities to improve the delivery and quality of radiologic sciences education on a more global basis.” I feel that the coursework and activities completed in support of this degree have certainly fulfilled these desires.

Additionally, I had identified two primary goals – mastery of the skills necessary to produce and publish high-quality research in instructional design, and exploration of the design, support and evaluation of critical thinking and problem-solving strategies. The links in this site provide evidence of the attainment of these goals.

Courses Taken

SISLT Courses

ISLT 9410 Usability of Online Information

ISLT 9410 Designing Online Learning

ISLT 9410 Culture and Information

ISLT 9410 Human Information Behavior

ISLT 9410 Research in Information Sciences and Learning Technologies

ISLT 9456 Designing Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environments

ISLT 9459 Designing Direct Instruction

ISLT 9468 Task Analysis

ISLT 9475 Diffusion of Educational Innovations

ISLT 9478 Designing Problem Based Learning Environments

ISLT 9494 Needs Assessment

Career and Technical Education

CIV F 375 Development and Assessment of Vocational Curriculum

CIV F390 Technological and Industrial Educational Methods

CIV F411 Philosophy of Practical Arts and Vocational Education


ESCP 8630 Qualitative Methods in Educational Research I

ESCP 8810 Analysis of Variance in Applied Research

ESCP 8820 Regression in Applied Research

ISLT 9090 Research in Information Science and Learning Technologies (focus on coding)

Graduate Coursework toward MU Credit Hour Requirement

T&O Ed 4000 New Teacher Institute (Central MO State)

T&O Ed 4000 New Teacher Institute – Call Back (Central MO State)

A417 Advanced Human Learning

CIT 410 M.Ed. Research Seminar

CIV F 415 Measurement and Evaluation in Vocational Education

D LPA EL408 Teaching Strategies for Distance Learning

ESCP 7170 Introduction to Educational Statistics

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